I begin this blog with a short story;

A client, and dear friend of mine recently bought a new home.  She is very sweet but a bit impulsive (not anymore) decided to decorate her home.  I applaud those who are motivated this soon after they move in, as I know the investment it takes in purchasing the home!  However, because of this large home purchase, she decided to save some money, and decorate it herself.  Again, nothing wrong with that at all, yet she has amazing taste, but not sure how to go about the steps to get there.   With that being said, she decided to paint her master bathroom first! (the bedroom not painted yet), and then buy accessories for the family room, and eat in kitchen area (before picking out the furniture, or painting).  She also purchased over $100 in sample paints, deciding which colors to use for her family room, kitchen, master bedroom, and foyer.  All the time I had been gently advising her of the possible consequence by putting the cart before the horse (so to speak).  Unfortunately this is very common, you do not know what you do not know…….until you do!

In the end, she called me to come out, taking only 30 minutes to pick out the paint for her whole house, which included driving there and buying the samples.  We had to re-paint the master bath, as she did not want the bedroom to be any off shade of the original bathroom color she picked, and she gave away all the accessories she purchased for the family room as they did not go with the new furniture selection or the wall colors.

By spending a small investment one time, and calling me in in the beginning, she told me she would have saved over $1,000 by trying to do it herself……..to save money.

The moral to the story is;  there is nothing wrong with saving money; however, sometimes you have to invest / spend a little to get A LOT!