Heidi Luckenbach, Sr. Consultant / Owner


Formally a Senior Design Merchandiser, furniture Sales Consultant, Regional Services Wholesaler and Financial Advisor, Heidi has worn many hats. Heidi began developing her flare and passion for design and organization as a child. With her parents running a thriving real estate corporation, she had many opportunities to develop her skills each time they purchased an investment.

It wasn’t until her career with Rhodes Furniture that she really understood her inherent sense of balance and design. Heidi was deemed the “go-to” person on furniture placement, color coordination, and/or accessory add-ons; lamps, art, pillows etc.

In 2004, Heidi was offered a Sr. Merchandising position with one of the largest builders in the US, Beazer Homes. This opportunity grounded her path for the future. During her tenure with Beazer Homes, Heidi was instrumental in the purchasing, merchandising and installing of over 150 model homes nationwide. One of the highlights of her time with Beazer Homes was when she was asked to participate in the “Extreme Home Make-over” – Morrow, GA edition, of which the company was a sponsor.

Shortly after the real estate market took a downturn in 2007, and after many in-house layoffs, Heidi took it upon herself to direct her own path for the future, forming Order By Design, Inc.

Since then, Order By Design Inc. has helped individuals, families and businesses stage, design and organize their spaces, ultimately changing their lives for the better. This, Heidi says, is the “greatest purpose I could ever ask for.”

~Heidi Luckenbach~

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