What are your favorite colors?

Do you have those in your home, or in your closet that you can wear?

If you celebrate Christmas, what colors are on your tree?

Why did you choose them to be your favorites?

Are you more of a “neutral” kind of person who likes a lot of different texture instead, even throughout the holidays?

Isn’t it amazing how a simple color can either brighten your day, calm you down, or bring you to sadness because of a memory you’ve attached to it?

I just love Christmas time! As I write this today I look around my family room, sitting in my regular morning chair noticing all the traditional colors and twinkling lights I have brought out for special holiday. Everything that was neatly tucked away last month, brings about so many sweet memories of long ago.

To the left of me stands my tree. It is filled with some precious old handmade ornaments, as well as ones my mom gave me(one of her traditions each year), and my heart is full. I have so much gratitude for the years that brought me to this point and this season reminds me to be ever so thankful.

Throughout the non holiday months I am a “ neutral colors” kind of girl. I thrive on the calmness they bring me, and with all the added textures, brings that added coziness just as color would. Christmas time is very different. I love the traditional reds, greens and golds with all the prints too, they bring joy to my heart. Perhaps that’s one reason I choose not to have many colors throughout the rest of the year. so I appreciate more fully when this special holiday presents itself.

Where did all these magnificent colors come from anyway? Did they just magically appear out of nowhere? Can there be a more perfect red than that of the stunning Cardinal’s feathers, or the spectacular iridescent blue of the Indigo Bunting? I don’t know about you but if those aren’t pieces of evidence that an Almighty Hand is at work, I don’t know what is. What a tremendous gift He has bestowed upon us, and that is just one of so many! If we take a moment, look around, open our hearts, we will all see the thumbprint of a true loving Father and Almighty Creator.

Friends, I tell you from experience that God is waiting for you to spend just a little more time with Him, or to talk to Him for the very first time. Jesus loves you completely.

Thank you Lord for your Son, the reason for this season, and these words today.

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