How many of you are constantly up in arms on what to do with all your child’s artwork, and good test papers?

I have a solution for you!

First, the large artwork needs to have a shallow plastic, lidded container that can fit under a bed, or up in a closet.  This will keep those masterpieces safely preserved, until the “new” masterpiece is created:)

As far as the the normal size art/papers you want to keep, I suggest a larger 3 ring binder with two or three packs of plastic sleeves inside, will keep those papers neat!   You can categorize by month, or quarter….depending on how much you choose to save.  You may also start the binder off with a school picture of the year for your child.   As you turn the pages, perhaps you will enjoy having one insert with school work, and the opposite side showing a piece of art.  This makes for a well balanced book as well.

Label each binder by child’s name, and year (also picking their favorite color binder makes it individual, and special to them).

At this point, create a space for these binders to go.  It would be beneficial to make the access easy for the child to pull, and share with his/her friends, as well as family (if you feel they will not destroy it).

Happy Organizing!!!