Are you are considering hiring an organizer?

Take a moment and look at your situation; do you need to purge? In most of my situations the items needing to be organized will fit very nicely if the unused, unwanted, and memorabilia items are removed from the ” Active Living Spaces.” (A.L.S. include; any regularly used closets, cabinets on the main floor, or under beds of daily used rooms.)
After purging items you do not need/want, begin by using your “Archive Spaces” (such as basements, garages, attics, extra guest rooms, hide-away storage rooms off of closets, etc) for tax information over 2 years old, photos to be organized, baby clothes, handmade blankets from loved ones, china that you’ll never use, and dolls and any keepsakes you have no intention of using on a regular basis.

By doing this, your active living spaces are available for regularly used items! It’s amazing how much space you will have when this is done…..

Happy Organizing:)