Happy Saturday friends,

I just returned from my trip to Arizona yesterday.  First off the weather was much better than my last time there (113 degrees in August).  When you are so busy installing/shopping for these models, that last thing you need is bad, rainy weather to contend with.

All and all it was a very successful trip, and now I am glad to be home for the next two weeks.  I miss my fur-babies when I’m away.   Having a precious blind rat terrier (Cody), and an 11 year old tuxedo cat (he is the King of the house for sure) makes my return home so welcoming!

While on my trip, I scheduled 3 new client appointments for this coming week.  I think people are definitely getting the spring cleaning/purging “bug.”  It is a great time to do this.  No one wants to spend their spring break, and summer vacation thinking about the undone house chores!

Let’s get busy and get your home ready for this new season.  Call me and schedule your appointment!