It is that time again, I am amazed how quickly this summer came and went.

The time is approaching for “new” school/art work coming home in the backpacks of our children; what do you do with it all?

If you have not started separate containers for each child to hold these treasured pieces, now is the time! I suggest poster size in width and length, and perhaps 12 to 18 inches in height. You can keep them in a guest room, storage closet, etc. This will provide you an initial place for the work to go until you can determine if you want to keep them long term.

2nd phase calls for large (fun color) 3 ring binders; again for each child. Insert plastic sleeves and simply place the smaller items inside, back to back. You may want your child to create their own label for the outside, place on a lower bookshelf so they can show their friends and family when they come over!

Happy back to schooling!!!