Have you ever put your faith in the wrong person or situation?

What if they didn’t call when they said they would, or the event you were looking forward to, didn’t happen?

Did that disappointment turn into discouragement for the next time?

How tightly did you place your identity or value to that person or event, did you even realize it at the time?

Did you know the level of your emotional response is directly related to the control you gave away?

For so many years I gave my worth away to a person or situation, and based on the feedback from them, determined my value. Little did I know that they were just trying to find their own worth, and if they thought I wasn’t the answer, they would leave to continue their search, as would I. Can you see the endless cycle here?

Incomplete people searching for others to complete them is a disaster waiting to happen, and it surely was for this girl.

Mike Todd said this, and I quote:

“Some people are not using their faith, they’re looking for feedback.

If you let the feedback give you your identity, then you will return to that again, and again. We are creatures of habit.” “It worked last time(for a while), let’s try it again. Maybe THIS time will be it!”

Feedback can inform you, but it can never give you your true identity, only God can do that.”

God never said “Go get feedback about what I said before doing it.”

Friends, you are not missing out, nor are you behind. If you’ve given your life to God, and call Jesus Savior, then your race is for you only. “But God, they are winning, they are so far ahead of me.” I believe God’s response to that is; “Heidi, they aren’t in your race. I have them in a different race, they aren’t beating you. You are right where you are supposed to be.”

Proverbs3:5-6 ~ Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; and He shall direct your paths.

You and I will be fine, it will all work out. If it doesn’t seem like it, then God is not done working. Hold on!

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