One thought that always comes to my thoughts when entering a new “cluttered” space is “clear it out and start over!”

I realize in most instances that this is impossible, when it comes to large pieces of furniture.  It is not the norm that the furniture needs to come out of a room, to feel the inspiration, once the clutter(paperwork, clothes, toys, tools, keepsakes, etc) is removed.  You will notice the change right away!

My first action plan, when focusing on any room;  Make sure EVERYTHING is off the floor, that does not belong on the floor.

As you clear the floor, you will begin to regain that calmness, and peace, that you don’t normally have when thinking of that room. ( If we are talking about a kitchen or office, it works the same when you clear the counter space/desk, of all the items)

Move those “movable” pieces out of that space all together, then begin thinking of the one or two functions that you want that room to do.(more than 2 becomes harder to manage, and brings more “stuff” in the space)

Just a note ~ It may be, you only have time to remove the items from the room, and have a temp space to place them, until you can come back to the project.   It does not have to be done in one day!!  Give yourself a break, it will be there when you come back.

You are creating a new lifestyle here, this will take some time….even the best organizers can not do it all in one day:)

Stay tuned for the next step!