During our season of financial crisis, I have personally learned that doing the research is well worth it!

I have had to expend quite a bit of money on RX’s for my dog’s eye problem.  Cody has been blind for 4 years, and due to his age, his eye’s have developed cateracts, and glaucoma.

The medication for him is very expensive…and without insurance, has left me to do some research for assistance.

Amy at the Animal Eye Specialist made me aware that Costco has some very affordable pricing on their meds, and Kroger will match any price they offer (if you are not able to become a member).

EX:  Cody’s 2 eye meds, normally $90 each, is being sold at Costco for $11, and and $31!  I do not have a membership at Costco ($50) so I take the price amount to Kroger, and they match it!

I hope this tidbit helps anyone out there, who needs any price-break like me.

Happy Researching!!