Yesterday was my first day with this new client, and what a delight the experience was!

She indicated to me she had considered having her home organized, and flowing better, for about a year however she had imaged how difficult it would be coordinate the time,  to get a sitter, and have some free time away from her daily “mommy” duties.  She felt all the weight of her responsibility, and mine, on her shoulders.   Because of this, she postponed her transformation for Order in her home life.

What she relayed to me during our first meeting hopefully will change how you perceive your personal experience.  I CAN do all of my “mommy” duties WHILE you are here, and still get the sense of being productive on two different levels!  She in fact has two sets of hands for a few hours!  She is accomplishing all she wanted, and then some!  She went on to say, “Why didn’t I do this a year ago??”

I thought this was a critical point to bring up to everyone.  It seems to be one of the greatest hesitations in hiring an organizer.  I also know, each time I have come in for a first appointment, I hear these words constantly:   “WHY didn’t I do this years ago????”

Happy decision making!