Have you ever gone into one of those model homes, and were amazed how the place just “flowed?”  It seemed to have a complete idea/thought to each area of the room, and the whole room too!  You may even have some of those same beautiful pieces in your home, but it just doesn’t seem to have the same “feeling” as in the models…..

It’s all about placement, the amount of accessories used, and the height needed to complement the area.  Below is an example of a complete thought/idea……you eye does not get stuck on an item that doesn’t belong (except for the flash, lol)

The pillow creates warmth to the chair, as the floral, and the book create warmth to the table.  The height of the floral complements the table lamp, and doesn’t leave it standing all by itself.  It was important to use a fabric chair here because the floor is tile, and the table is wood….it needed softness.

The area of that room is small, therefore it did not need a great deal of different colors.  It would have been too busy.  I did use this color/stripes to continue the consistency with the rest of the room, as you can see with the picture of the sofa.  It needed that hint of red brought out from the pillow on the sofa, and the lamp shades.  The idea was made complete…

Can you see the flow???