Are you having a situation where your Dining Room just isn’t what you want it to be?

You may think to yourself, “I bought a GREAT table, and a beautiful China cabinet, why doesn’t it look right?”

Okay, without actually seeing your situation, I can suggest a couple of things that may resolve the issue:

1.  Is there a larger wall, and a smaller length wall?  Is the china cabinet on the smaller wall, while the larger wall has a small sideboard, or console?  By simply swapping out the pieces, you will immediately find the balance your eyes need to see.

2.  Now depending on the length or width of the room, you may benefit from having the table run front to back of the house, vs side to side.  Sometimes you have more room visually this way, and makes your room appear more spacious, and elegant……

3.  Do you have your table covered with a table cloth, and a runner, etc on it?  If you do not use the table everyday, the wood brings its own elegance to a room by uncovering it!  Wood is always better than a covered table.  Then you may add a runner, with a floral in the center, to add warmth, and richness.

4.  Do you have hardwoods in that room, with no area rug?   If you are wanting to add warmth to that room, an area rug is ideal to meet that need.  To know what measurement rug you need,  place your chairs at the table, about half way under, then measure about 4 to 6 inches out from the outermost legs.  That will give you the best idea for the size you need.

Typically the rugs come  8 1/2 X 11, 9 X 11, 9 X 13, or variations thereof.   Just make sure you dont go lower than your measurements.  Try to always meet or exceed them.

5.  Do you have large wall space on either side of your China cabinet?   A pair of large rectangular art/pictures always works well, placed about  7 to 15 inches from the cabinet, and a little higher than eye-level, at the center of the pic, if you are around 5’7″……just an approximation without seeing the area myself.

All of these tips should really make an impact, and create the look you were trying to achieve!

Happy Merchandising ~