Do you feel you are owed something?

Did you get the short end of the stick on one or more things?

Are you requiring a person in your life, now, to honor that debt who had nothing to do with the original injustice?

Putting yourself in their shoes; would you feel obligated to pay someone else’s debt?

Where do you find solace when you are being devalued, and how is that peace restored as if nothing happened?

I am taking a large bite into this subject today. As I am typing I really don’t know how this will play out, but God has always given me direction in all my writings, so I am trusting He will continue with this one. I’m sure you have heard the saying “we hurt the ones closest to us.” Why is that? I believe it’s because we are all walking around with some form of hurt that we have not dealt with. This old wound never got the attention it needed therefore it became infected and started spreading, thru words, actions, and feelings. Our loved ones see the infection more due to geographical proximity. This wound wants to be healed, it desires not to hurt anymore. It’s calling out to us in many different ways but instead of looking at it, getting in there and cleaning out the infection, we try to put bandaids over it; substances, relationships, overworking, over purchasing, and most of all taking it out on a loved one, expecting them to make it better. Some old wounds are so deep, you may not even know it’s still there, until the infection (emotions) come to the surface.

I bring this topic up because I recently learned why I react to certain situations the way I do. I had no clue why, I shrugged it off by thinking “it’s just my personality.”

The difference between a wound, and a characteristic; one causes pain/anxiety and the other doesn’t.

I also know there is One who we can give our pain to. One who wants us whole, healed, and walking in joy. I chose God to be my Savior many years ago, but because I still have free will, it’s up to me what I give to Him and what I think I can handle, until I can’t. The extraordinary gift of God is His complete forgiveness every time I surrender another part of myself when infection reveals itself. You have this opportunity as well. There is a peace that surpasses all understanding when you realize the God of the Universe is handling all your struggles. He tells us to bring Him our sufferings with a grateful, humble heart, and He is faithful to give us the rest we so desire. If we truly lean on Him we won’t feel the need to rely on another to cover that wound. Trust me when I tell you His comfort surpasses anything you could receive on earth. It reaches deep down in your soul like the best hug from your favorite person, but a thousand times better!

Let Him into your heart today. He can heal those old infections. Sure you will have to face them, perhaps even uncover them, but you are not alone this time, God is with you and He is the only Doctor that can restore you back to wholeness.

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