For the last 3 days, nine hours each for two days, and eight hours for the last, I assisted my client move her mother from a two story, 3 bedroom home, to a one story 800 sq ft basement apartment, in their home.

This was a trying time for the whole family, and a huge adjustment for everyone.

It wasn’t until the last box was unpacked, and all the furniture placed, and her favorite pictures hung, that she truly smiled and was excited to be in this sweet, cozy, new space.

It is always my goal to make sure all the details fit for an elderly person, who is also a petite 5 ft tall life.  All day to day items; towels, paper towels, pantry food, regularly used plates, glasses, can be easily accessed, while at the same time being organized and totally efficient.

If you are approaching the season that a member of your family needs to downsize to your home, or a facility, I can ensure this process will flow smoothly, and efficiently if you were to utilize my expertise:)

Functionality, and pleasing aesthetics combined, are two primary keys to any successful change as delicate as this one.

Happy merging!