Have you ever wondered if what you did for someone was enough?

Did the enemy whisper things like “That wasn’t big enough, they won’t appreciate it.” or “ Really, that’s all you’re going to say, might as well not have said anything at all.”?

Do you decide not to do anything at all because you believe the lie that reaching out with a few kind words isn’t enough?

I am drawn to the word Comfort for this topic. Let’s look at the definition;

Comfort ~ a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. the easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress.

Did you notice it does not give an amount or quantity to have it realized? It’s because the quantity or size of it doesn’t matter. I think the goal is the peace that comfort gives. If the result is peace, then it all counts.

I told my roommate she might see me emotional this time of year, because of my mom’s passing and here is what she said; “Do you need a hug or anything when it happens?” That, folks IS comfort. What a gift she gave me. So kind and thoughtful. She did not assume to know what I would need, she asked what would help.

Here’s another example; as I’ve mentioned before I’m in a few small women’s groups, and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be surrounded by these wonderful God fearing ladies. I received a text the other day from one of them, she said that God put it on her heart to write to me and ask if I would like to spend some time with her and celebrate mom’s life. My sweet friend never knew my mom, I only met her since I began going to Highlands church last year. She offered a time and place I would feel comfortable with to talk and share whatever I wanted. I don’t even know how to express the love here.

It does not have to be big to be so very big, it just needs to come from your heart.

Do you know who else loves you this much, wants to spend time with you, and hear all you have to say? Your Father in Heaven. He anxiously awaits you to open your eyes in the morning and include Him in your day. If you choose to allow God into your heart and life, you will begin to understand and see it is all from Him when people are kind and love on you. My mom had this saying and would share it every time I would mention someone showing me kindness; “Honey, that’s just God lovin on you.” It’s true. All good things come from God, He is love. He can move on someone’s heart to say and do things at just the time we need them, because He knows us and exactly what we need. It may not come from a person you expect it, but that does not mean it’s any less “big.”

Don’t believe the lie that your words or gestures aren’t enough. You are enough, and what God places on your heart is exactly what that person needs. Seek Him today, and He will guide you in all things “big.”

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