Do you have things you need to be doing regularly, even everyday?

Have you found yourself hesitant to start some of them?

Are the challenging ones actually the ones that you know will help you grow, mentally, professionally, spiritually, and let’s not forget physically?

What is really stopping you from facing them head on?

I recently attended an entrepreneurial workshop which was hosted and led by a longtime client, and beloved spiritual sister. She is an incredibly talented business coach, and may I add that it is truly her calling from God Himself. Rock Your Vision is her company, and that is exactly what she did for me! Rocking anything can first appear to be quite unsettling because it is shaking up the very ground in which we’ve built our house, so to speak. The necessity of it also shows us there is more to learn, and that is not a bad thing if we understand that our lifetime on earth is ever changing, and we must be okay with continually reinventing ourselves.

For some reason though, my mind came to a conclusion that after 16 years running a company, I was pretty much “set” and could simply continue on as I’ve always done, with the knowledge I already had…..not so. It is quite humbling to learn the very ground you have been standing, is not rock but sand.

It’s ALL sand. This life is but a speck of sand, and subject to be moved with the winds of life. So where do we find our footing? In Jesus Christ. He is our firm foundation. This world is not.

Coach Karen explained in detail how we have a tendency to create our own invisible wall of protection, and that very wall is also stopping us from experiencing the very blessings God has bestowed just for us! Her approach that by breaking down the wall, in bite size pieces, it will eventually come down altogether, it just takes a mustard seed of courage to reach out and take a hold of one brick and place it aside. She was incredibly supportive as she begin showing me that I did not have to start over, but build upon. I did not do it wrong, I simply need to stay open to learning. We would all be better off if we returned to that childlike faith God speaks of. He is a Good Father, and He will never leave us or forsake us, regardless of what our emotions are trying to convey at the moment.

What a gift Saturday was! God placed Karen in my life, knowing that I would need this class eight years a later. How amazing is that! If you don’t already serve this masterful Father, you can start. He wants to care for you as He does all of His children(me included).

Karen, thank you for following your calling, and being humble to be taught, so you could teach folks like me. You are an example of the light God speaks about.

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