Have you ever not returned your grocery cart to the designated space once you’ve loaded your car? Were you in a hurry, had a long day, or maybe resentful you were the one who had to go to the store, again?

Was it raining, and your nice clothes and shoes were getting wet?

Perhaps you thought “it’s not a big deal” and because of that you had a choice, and chose to take that short cut?

I don’t have enough appendages to count the number of times I thought that and did the same. As I have chosen a closer walk with the Lord, I have learned He cares about everything we do and not do. The excuse that there is no corral near my car isn’t good enough for me any longer.

How can I be obedient with the big things I want God to give me if I can’t be obedient with the seemingly small insignificant ones? I might not think it’s a big deal but God does. You or I just might be the example someone needs to see. Have you ever seen a good deed and said to yourself, “my hope in humanity has been restored” or “there are still good people in the world”? It only takes one small act of obedience to change someone’s perspective and God could very well be using you to show that person in need.

When we think of God and how He moves we tend to think BIG, and yes He does do those things too, but He is also in the smallest of details as well.

Allow God to use you in all the ways He wants. You may never get to see how it helped another, but working unto the Lord because of all He’s done, is enough for me. I still have a long way to go, however I am thankful I am not where I used to be! God is working, He is always working and so very faithful to complete His good work in us, to those of us who love Him and call Him Savior.

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