Seems like a pretty straight forward word doesn’t it?  However in today’s world it has to be one of the most challenging accomplishments as changing jobs, and moving.

To all of you “multi-taskers” who do finish their projects, we applaud you.  However there are those who begin many different tasks yet, because their minds are jumping to many different goals constantly, it begins to look impossible to complete ANY one goal.

It can be done!  It is better to start and complete just “1” task, than to start many and complete none.

It is all a mindset.  My challenge for you today: Pick just one project, and see it through to the end. I promise that the feeling of accomplishment will carry you so much further than you can imagine….AND will give you the motivation to continue to your next “1” project!!

As an organizer, “FOCUS” is my key.  No matter how large and overwhelming the task at hand can look, I know if I just continue with my focus, on the goal at hand, all will be done.

I am no different from you.  I can only move one thing at a time.  Remember the small pebble in the pond?  The ripples it causes are a thousand times bigger than you think……..if you just remain focused.

Happy organizing:)