What can I expect from a Home Staging appointment?

Home staging is the process of creating a well balanced space using current items to enhance all of your home’s attributes. These attributes may include room size, ceiling height, fire place, counter tops, molding, among other things. With the proper presentation, your home will present a warm welcoming feel while allowing a potential buyer easy visualization of their items there. I am confident you will get the maximum value for your home!

I begin each appointment with a thorough walk-through of every room and closet, beginning with the foyer.
I will start by pointing out items that may distract potential buyers from seeing what is most important in your home.

I will offer suggestions for alternative placement and or removal. Wall color is very important in home staging. It is the backdrop to how the house is presented. Furniture placement/removal, as well as art and accessories suggestions will also be given at that time.

With time allowed I will begin moving said items if possible. My suggestion to any client would be to schedule this first appointment a few days to a week prior to listing/picture taking. This will allow ample time for painting, storing/removal of particular items.

It is very common for a follow up appointment to be scheduled, the day before, or morning of, for some detailed tweaking for the perfect listing photo.

If I need additional things purchased from my Staging appointment, do you help with that?

Absolutely! Once the space has been staged to it’s potential, based on what you have, I will recommend items to be added for an enhanced look and feel. At that time I will offer to go purchase those additional items, at your approved budget of course.

I need an Interior Designer. What is your process?

First and most importantly, this is your home, so we will work together as a team through this process! It is rare that I will purchase any item you have not seen & approved, except for a few small accessories.

In my experience the client has a style they have seen they like, and more often than not knows exactly what they do not want.

The above are all great tools to begin the process of creating your sanctuary. When scheduling our first appt I will ask for any photos, magazine ideas, and fabrics you may have put aside for inspiration . Included in this process
I will ask to see any current furniture, art, etc you want to include in the new design. Also on the list would be furniture, and or rugs ideas you would like to incorporate.

Once the concept and style has been determined, I will advise of the process options that work best for you regarding research, and shopping. **If you are interested in developing a color palette, this would occur next.

Lastly, but no less important, are the accessories. This includes, pillows, throws, art (pictures), and sit-around items. This detailed step is the main key that ties all of the other pieces together.

(The above is a basic outline of steps for appointments. There are many variations of this process based on the design needs you have.)

Please feel free to contact me for more detailed information.

What exactly is a professional organizer?

A professional organizer is one whose main focus is assisting clients overwhelmed with the clutter in their homes and lives.

The benefits to having Order by Design, Inc. fulfill your organizing needs–not only is Heidi a professional organizer, but also an experienced and recognized Home Stager and Merchandiser. By choosing Heidi, and Order by Design, Inc., you will receive all aspects of home management in one company.

How do I know if I really need a Professional Organizer?
Great question, simple answer!

If you answer YES to any of the below questions, than the answer is YES to your question!

  • Is there a location in your home that you prefer to keep the door closed?
  • Are there stacks of paper on your kitchen counter, desk, or dining room table?
  • Is your precious memorabilia buried with less important things?
  • Do you have a space in your home bringing “weight or heaviness” to your mind? Is there a sense of “dread” when you think about it?

These are just a few scenarios which may help you determine that in fact you do need a Professional Organizer.

Are you ready to transform your space?