Have you ever felt the need to prove your point?

How important is it for another to understand your view? Do you have a tendency to over explain? What is it about the person you’re talking to that you have to have their understanding? Did you not receive the positive affirmations you were enough growing up? How do we even know we got what we needed?

Let’s look at the definition to see:

Affirmation ~ the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. emotional support or encouragement. “The lack of one or both parents affirmation leaves some children crippled.”

Unfortunately we will all face these limits because our parents, and their parents were all limited. The human condition is weak, just think back to something you regret doing, was it yesterday or today even? Did you know what the right thing to do was but did it anyway? I get it, I do it too, we are not capable of being our own Gods, we weren’t created to be. In an effort to create or maintain our secure, comfortable life, we can affect another’s in a negative way. Our flesh thinks of self above all else, therefore we must set down our pride and ask our Heavenly Father to guide us, He’s the One who thinks of each of us all at the same time, and works without selfish intent.

Every morning when I wake up, I go downstairs and the first thing I do is fulfill my need for coffee. I don’t pray first, I take care of my flesh first. Am I sinning? No, but what a perfect example of how quickly we think of ourselves above others, or God. But I pray while I’m drinking my coffee and thank Him for it, that has to count for something right?

Oh how we love to reason away our actions. Here’s the beautiful part, God does not look at that, He looks at us thru Jesus sacrifice and we are pure! If you have asked God to come into your heart and believe Jesus died for your sins, we are ALL sinners, then His blood wiped away all of your iniquities. You are viewed thru Jesus and have all the inheritance your Father gives His children, how glorious is that!

How far will you go to ensure you are seen as pure? Will you seek it thru another’s approval, or thru the Only One who can truly affirm you?

Seek Him today, with everything.

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