Have you ever repeated this to yourself, more than once?  Did that situation ever really change?

I will receive a call for assistance, explaining their scenario a bit, and become quite excited to schedule this appointment, YET………..need to discuss with her husband/wife/significant other to confirm, which is perfectly understandable, and I encourage that.

It is after this point I will hear; “I would really like to have you but I just need to get my act in gear”  OR  “I just have to start focusing better”   and there is; “If I can’t get it organized by Thanksgiving, I’ll call you”

The process of “letting go” and asking for help, is just as important as making the first appointment.  There is a reason for the call, and most likely know that you will not be able to do this first step by yourself, or you would have already done so.  It may be that your “other half” believe’s you should just be able to do it, and you want to attempt to do this yourself.  If that is motivation enough for you, I applaud you.  However 9 out of 10 times this is not the case, and in turn only causes frustration in the home because the other person thinks you should be “wired” to organize naturally.

Each of us is very different, even a couple together for many years, may know a thing about understanding their partner’s anxiety triggers.   I am an organizer yet, my anxiety trigger is business taxes!  I shut down, and get overwhelmed.   I loose all logic, and it has always been this way.  I have learned not to fight this, but to be easy on myself and ask for help.  I am not a bad person for not having this gift, it’s just not my thing.   I am very fortunate I have an amazing accountant who knows just what to say, and how to calm me down(because I have asked for her help, and calming words).

If any of this rings a bell.  Make a decision to ask for the help.  If it is a struggle because of finances, let’s talk about your budget, and work backward!  If it is just because your partner is not understanding,  ask for this as a birthday, or holiday gift.  They usually will ease up when it is brought up in this light.

Happy Calling!