What is your next stop?

Is it to your family in another state for the holidays?

Are you moving to another job or home?

Are you waiting for something to happen so you can start moving again?

Do we ever really stop transitioning from one thing to another?

Does the thought of that excite you or exhaust you?

Have you ever heard the saying “It is all about the journey, not the destination.”?

Do you find yourself rushing thru the journey portion, thinking it will get you to that imaginary place and quickly realize that it didn’t meet the expectation you thought it would?

We are all in a perpetual state of movement, even sleeping is a journey. The speed will vary depending on the season, but it will never stop. We are either going toward something or away from it, the choice is ours what path we take.

I am headed to Ohio next week for the Christmas holiday. I haven’t even started packing but my mind is already planning; I can picture loading the car, taking Shelby to her boarding location, and getting on 75 North. I see the long rode ahead, and all the stops I’ll take along the way, for gas and a leg stretch. Even as I sit in my favorite chair, watching the fireplace, my mind has moved on to the next thing. Why does this happen you ask? Great question!

Our mind does not rest, it is literally the most overworked part of our body. When you don’t need your hand, what does your brain tell it to do? Rest. Same with all the other parts, except the brain itself.

According to Eckert Tolle ~ The Power of Now, if our mind is working, we are not in the present moment. When we are thinking, we live only in the past or the future, our brain doesn’t think about the present. In order for us to live in the now, we must rest our thoughts. So how do we do that? It takes discipline and lot’s of it, until it becomes habit, but it can be done.

Why do you think so many talk about meditation these days? Folks are so tired keeping up with their brain’s overactivity. I highly recommend this book if you are truly interested. This is my reminder I need to pick it back up again. God also talks about this in the Bible. He knows too well what trouble our mind can get us into, and tells us to take all of our thoughts captive. It is in the mind that the enemy works. Satan also knows this is where he can accomplish his schemes, if we don’t keep our thoughts in check and submit to God’s authority.

God is in the present and He wants us there, or here, with Him. But we must first rest our thoughts to commune and hear from Him. Ask God to help you with this, and He will. The discipline is waiting patiently and quietly for His response. Actually, Our Father is talking to us continually, but we don’t hear Him when our mind is so loud. Peace comes when we surrender our thoughts to God, He will make your path straight.

Thank you Lord for your consistency, and your words today.

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