Have you ever watched a movie that completely drew you in?

How about a book, it could be anything new?

Isn’t it fun being whisked away by an exciting world presenting itself?

What ever happened to that problem you were thinking about earlier?

Did it get resolved during that time you were enjoying your life? It is fascinating how quickly thoughts move in and out of our mind.

Did you know God wants us to enjoy our life to the fullest, and can teach us how?

I watched a wonderful movie with my roommate and yes it took me to another place! The movie she recommended was CODA, and it was exactly what I needed. Absolutely heartfelt and very inspiring. I digress.

I spent many years of my life thinking every thought that would jump into my head and linger was who I was. I felt like I was going crazy. I was letting them run rampant and take over, believing I had no power to stop them. I longed for something new and exciting to capture my full attention and calm the busyness of my mind. I would resort to buying unnecessary things, to pursuing relationships that weren’t good for me. It was a vicious cycle and I wanted to get free. Note: I had accepted Christ before all this too but the important piece I hadn’t picked up was dedicating time for Him each day. It’s like wanting to have a best friend but never investing any time, it doesn’t work that way.

One of the most impactful books that opened my eyes was Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer. I learned I was not what my thoughts told me. Through Christ I had the ability to take every thought captive and submit it to God, and if it didn’t align with His word, it was a lie. As I began to spend more time with Him, I also learned that each temporary “fix” I would so desperately use to take me away from self condemnation (worrying about what other people thought or telling myself I wasn’t good enough)was replaced with God’s peace. He had another plan, a better plan for me but it was my choice to take it. Through the receiving of Christ into my heart, a seed was planted. My surrender to His Will opens the floodgates of victory and purpose, but it takes time. I am still learning new things everyday, and as I learn, my faith grows. I understand I do not have to wrestle with things not of God, that is His job and He is fully capable. He tells me where my focus should rest, and if I can’t hear Him, I am to focus on Him. God offers this gift of peace to all of us. He is aware of every single struggle we face and already knows the way thru. Trust Him and let Him show you. God loves you so much!❤️

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