It is so true what they say (they meaning my mom, and a few of my good friends) as you get older, time shifts into overdrive with no brake petals in sight!

I have just completed my second week of travel, this time to Raleigh, NC.  I am not sure what I was expecting since I have never been there before, but we (the Sr. Designer and myself) were not working in the most “popular” area.  We found one, yes one restaurant near the model home;  an amazing barbeque place.  I was hoping that they served as good a breakfast, and dinner as they did lunch, since we would be basically be LIVING

It all turned out good.  The model looked fantastic, and the walk thru with what seemed the entire Beazer staff in Raleigh seemed to love it as well.  Great job Tanya:)

I am glad to be home for a couple of days.   Tuesday begins a new journey, this time to Phoenix, AZ……

Stay tuned!