I had a new client appointment the other day, and as usual, I fully understood why I was called.

It was a beautiful home, full of love, kids, a new puppy, and all that goes with that. There were at least 4 areas of the home that needed to be approached, and reconfigured.

Again, it is the typical household today; many activities, growing children with many different gifts and talents to be explored, and only 24 hours in a day, with at least a 3rd of those for sleeping.

The demands on a parent grow every year. It is not the same as when I was a child, and could be “gone” all day til suppertime, and then called in for the night.

I believe the one thing that has not changed with the times is our mindset that we have to do it all ourselves. It is virtually impossible in today’s times. The responsibilities grow but the hours in a day do not. We HAVE to choose the priorities, and that does not always include having an organized home. Not all of us are “wired” with this ability, hence the crossover of an organizer from a luxury, to a necessity.

Get on board, and share the responsibilities. We are all given special gifts and talents, and they are all unique. We are here to help each other…………I am here to help.

Let’s get busy!