Do you feel you know quite a bit?

Does your age have anything to do with that, or perhaps your a professional student?

Are you satisfied with how much you know?

Could you learn more?

When is enough enough?

Why would you stop seeking to learn more about something?

Why does our pride stop us from asking questions?

From the moment we are born we are learning. Every day that goes by teaches us something, it’s part of our DNA. We were intrinsically designed to continually acquire and desire knowledge. Let’s look at the definition of learn: gain or acquire knowledge of, or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

Let’s talk for a minute about how we learn; At 15 years old I was preparing to drive, I couldn’t have been more excited. I’ve always loved cars and trucks, I guess I took after my dad and my Papaw. To finally be independent of waiting for a ride from my parents and their busy schedule running a business, was a dream in the making! At the time our family had both automatic and manual transmission vehicles and of course I started with the less complicated, I was mentally ready therefore picked that part up quickly. I’ve always envisioned driving and that was a fundamental key I did not know about at the time, to life itself.

I was now ready and determined to learn how to drive a manual, why you ask? Well, my dad had a big truck(red / white Jeep Camanche) he used to pick up hay at the feed store, and would occasionally come back with an orphaned calf or two, and I LOVED it. I was going to drive that truck! The parking lot behind my parents building was the perfect spot. Dad and I spent hours in it, starting, stopping, stalling, if you’ve ever driven a manual transmission, you know the drill. Here’s what I learned; I did not give up. My desire led me to the perseverance, which in turn led me to retaining the information I needed, regardless if I messed up, I was going to do it.

Let’s get back to my point;

We are all limited and flawed, bottom line – we need help. We do not know everything, and cannot in one lifetime. It will only benefit us if we continually open our hearts and minds to learn, to do this requires willingness and humility… requires God. He is the Only One who knows it all, after all, He created it.

If you want wisdom and knowledge beyond understanding, start a relationship with the Creator. He would love to reveal all things to you, He loves you. Did you know that God pursues you? He does!

It is thru God our visions are formed and dreams come to pass, according to His will. Get back in the classroom friends. His is the best one!