Do you remember back in school being given assignments?

Did they catch you off guard, or were you prepared?

Why weren’t you prepared?

Did you have better things to do, or so you thought at the time?

Were you ever put in a class level you didn’t belong, either below your skill level or above?

Did you stay because it was easier, or leave because it was too hard?

I don’t know about you but I can easily apply these same questions to my life as an adult, not just for high school or college.

I was always, and still am, a visual learner. Let’s take for example History; I was beyond bored when I was sitting in that classroom, but had they taken me to the place they were speaking about, I would have been beyond enthusiastic. Needless to say I didn’t make A’s in that class, or any really, but I excelled at the quiz’s where I had to write a paper on a movie, show, or event. Today I am making a living with my visual abilities, it is “my God-given assignment.”

I have heard this statement many times during my life; “If you want to know what you’re good at, just ask your parents or friends what you always gravitate to.” Since I could walk I have been color coordinating my clothes, lining up my shoes, and moving my furniture in my room (sometimes daily)! It is not surprising that I do that same thing for a living. Just as my brother was a “talker” growing up, and got in trouble in class for it, he now speaks all over the country, using his God-given gift for work, and like him, I absolutely love what I get to do everyday.

God knew you before you were born. He formed you and shaped you to be exactly who you are. There is no one else like you. You are here for a reason, you are not an accident, and no, you are enough! Just because it may take you longer to do something than another, whose clock are you using? God’s clock is the only one that matters. Friend, please remember that when you feel like you are running behind, it’s most likely not even your race. God has you running your own race, and that person you’re comparing yourself to, isn’t in it.

Seek God, He will give you all you need to know for your special assignment while on this planet.

Thank you Lord for your words today.

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