In my experience of setting a room to create warmth, flow, and useful purpose, I discovered the need to blend “hard/bold” in with “soft”, to create the perfect balance.

Some unexpected items that bring softness to a room aside from the obvious, pillows, throws, and rugs:   bringing in new or old hard cover books(removing the paper cover), a table top orchid, or grass of some kind(fake is okay if you are not a green thumb).  I love rattan baskets and containers instead of plastic.  Any products that come from the “outside” is promoting Feng Shui.

Feng Shui can be taken to many levels. The level I choose is simply using balance, or proper furniture placement, and incorporating natural products, to relax the mind and spirit.  It has never failed, with any of my clients, for them to immediately notice how much happier they feel in their home once it is done.

Happy decorating!