Have you ever heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words?” Can you think of a few examples where this rang true for you?

Were they positive or negative, maybe a few of each?

Did any of those examples change the trajectory of your life?

Back in February I welcomed a roommate into my home. For over 20 years living alone was the path I walked, and I became quite content with it. The freedom to do, or not do, as I pleased was a WIN for a time, but like everything else of this world, there was a hidden catch; possible isolation. Before I knew it the home I cherished, my sanctuary, the one place I would escape the trials of this world, became a prison with no bars. I began to feel somewhat hopeless, not worthy, and certainly not a child of the Almighty. Because I was escaping, I was not facing opportunities of growth God had for me. Some may feel being alone is the hardest thing to go thru, not for me, it is much easier to be alone than exposed to others. Well, because God loves me so much, He was not going to let me sit in my apathy. Although I would pray for healthy relationships to come into my life, I wasn’t stepping out, allowing God to move……so, He moved my work off the table. He found the one sure fire path I would become willing to consider a “new way” to live. Isn’t it interesting what we think are burdens and trials become the very key to abundance? It’s true, it happened for me! He heard my prayers, changed my heart, and met me where I was. I digress.

My latest example of a positive influence: my roommate had no idea until this morning that her actions of working out daily has inspired me to begin my own good habit. He knew exactly what I needed when I didn’t, and how to bring it to me in the most gracious, peaceful way. God will use people to show you examples of how good seeds grow, and how bad seeds don’t. It may take a while, but His truth is always revealed.

Our Heavenly Father is at work in your life right now. He knows what you need before you do and wants to shower you with His infinite blessings, all you have to do is receive them, it has nothing to do with what you can bring to the table, it is only because He is Good. Satan is not going to let a child of God go without trials, he does not want what God has planned come to fruition.

We are mighty in Christ. Let Him work thru you, He’ll let you walk your own path but if you choose to walk with Him, staying humble, He WILL guide your steps and do great and mighty things with your days.

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