Isn’t is amazing how many different hues of light bulbs are out there now a days??
I thoroughly believe if more people knew how the hue affects the colors in their homes, and the moods they create, more would choose no hue at all!
With the trends going toward the cleaner clearer feel, grays and neutrals, adding a heavy gold hue light bulb only thwarts the effort, and money invested.
Hopefully this will help you make a more informed decision going forward.
There are two main types of bulbs sold; non-LED, and LED. Years ago when LED first came out, the only hue offered was a horrible blue hue, very cold and metal-like feeling. They have vastly improved from those days, offering hues of; Soft White,Warm White,Bright White, and of course that strange blue Daylight hue.
As the non-LED are slowly becoming a thing of the past, it has been harder and harder for me to find my favorite Bright White hue bulb, unless I go to a special store like Batteries & Bulbs, etc.
See what I learned was the only bulb that gave off a “clear” light or non-color hue was the Bright White bulb. This allows the true colors of the room to shine thru, not allowing the light bulb to dictate.
Back to my story; I learned that the LED Bright White bulb has a sliding scale of brightness that shows on the back of the box.
If the number is below 3500, it will give off a Soft White(yellow/gold)hue, same as a regular bulb. However if you buy the LED Bright White bulb at 3500 or greater, you will get a true clear bright white hue, YAY!
If you have not used this type of bulb in your home, and have wondered why your beautiful gray, and creme home colors still feel heavy, TRY THEM!! You will not be disappointed!
I use 100w for large room lamps, 60w for bedroom lamps, and 40 watts for small accessory lamps, ceiling fan lights(multiple bulbs) and bathroom vanity lights.
Happy Lighting!