Could you do something differently for one day, and not worry that you have to keep it up the rest of your life?

What small change are you inspired to act upon today?

Do you feel if you did it today but not tomorrow, you would let yourself down, so you don’t even go there?

What if it does not turn out badly, and you continue to make that one change?

Three days ago I decided to change when I ate, and when I fasted. This may sound insignificant but if you knew how many years(6) I had been eating at the same times throughout the day and when I would fast, you would see that it’s more like letting go of a trusted friend who served me so well, but then betrayed me. Regardless of the fact I was not benefiting from it anymore, I held on to it like my life depended upon it.

My schedule was to fast from 7pm to around 12pm the next day, then eat within an 8 hour window. This method of intermittent fasting helped me to loose a lot of weight, and take control of unhealthy eating habits. Of course when you see good results from something, you keep doing it, until the body changes(age, hormones) and the over confidence takes over, then you stop eating so healthy. It all catches up, and it did. The healthy weight slowly began to dissipate, little by little until I was back where I started.

I had a choice to make; do I continue to do the same thing over and over hoping it will once again work, or do I change it, “just for today?” Why not, let’s go!

The Bible says in Matthew 6:34 ~

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Can we just for today trust God with our future, and focus on changing a habit that no longer serves us?

We cannot, nor will we ever be able to predict tomorrow, so why not let today be where your mind rests? God is in today and wants to chat with you, guide you, and prevent you from taking steps in a direction that no longer serves you.

I can attest how amazing it is to let go of something I cling to so tightly, and give it over to God. The inspiration came to change it up, and I knew in my heart it was the Holy Spirit saying “Trust me, just for today.”

What can you do differently “Just for today?”

Listen more

Smile more

Help more

Eat less😉

Be thankful more

Say “please” and “thank you” more

Say “I appreciate you” more

Friends, I am grateful for each one of you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to share in mine. I pray these posts serve you in some way.❤️

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