Have you ever taken a foreign language course?

Did you take it for school credit? Were you planning a vacation and wanted to feel more comfortable in that country?

Did you have homework, why?

When I was in junior high school at Maitland, I took two years of Spanish. I chose it because I believed it to be the “easiest” of the languages, and I wanted to complete the needed credits to graduate. My teacher, Ms. Ferraro was very sweet and articulate, she did her best exposing us to a new culture and way of communicating, My oh my did we have homework! Why wasn’t it good enough to just attend the class day after day until the course was over? Why do we have to bring the work home and recount all we learned?

What is it about consistency that “re-wires” our brain to retain the new and different? Since I didn’t like school, much less homework, I don’t know the scientific answer, however attending the “school of life” gave me the awareness that whatever I focused on, and stayed persistent with, I succeeded.

It also taught me that life is always moving, never stagnate, so growth is imperative. Those topics I did not attend to, simply fell away, like my Spanish knowledge. Our relationship with God works very much the same way, any relationship really. If we aren’t prioritizing time for them, growth and healing does not occur. It may be challenging to put aside time for God as you cannot see or hear Him in the human context, but it does not mean He cannot communicate with you. He knows exactly how you would hear Him. If you seek Him, you will find Him, He is faithful to answer.

The Alpha and Omega, Creator of everything wants a relationship with you! Stay close to the greatest Teacher of Life.

“Oh The Places You Will Go!”

Dr Seuss ~

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