These two words are pretty self explanatory, but I bet you haven’t associated them with organizing.

In the world of organizing, staging, and design, it is all about visual. Functionality is also mandatory but it has to be visually aesthetic, relatively fast, so you receive that immediate satisfaction to continue on.

When deciding what to begin organizing, I recommend using the macro method first. This is a general categorizing and clearing of a larger area.

Let’s use the family room for example. This  area tends to be where many categories congregate such as;  toys, laundry, paperwork, and shoes. In keeping with the macro method, you will separate these categories and make individual piles on the sofa.(shoes can stay on the floor).

Start with the easiest pile; paperwork. Put all paperwork in a sorting bin and remove from the room, for now. Remember this is still the macro stage, we do not want to be distracted from the big picture by opening mail just yet.

Next is toys. Place all toys in a bin and take to the playroom, or wherever you want them to be. Again do not sort yet. Return to your piles and repeat macro clearing.

At the end of this phase you will notice two things immediately, your room will be cleared, and your micro piles are smaller, and already placed in the general area!

Now comes the micro method. This is the perfect time if you want to involve the family, this stage won’t seem so daunting to them. This is the detail portion and can be the more challenging part. Some may stop at this point because they are thinking “well it is better than it was, therefore it is good enough” or, you might run out of time.  I urge you to just come back to it as soon as you can and  complete this last step.  By not following thru you will find the more quickly it will return to its original state. Note – do the paperwork pile last. That pile is the micro of the micro’s and with all the other piles out of the way, you can more easily focus on it without all the “other pile” distractions.

I utilize the macro/micro method in every appointment.

Happy Organizing!