“Order by Design has been instrumental in my life. I am a stay at home mom with an infant and a toddler. I moved into my townhouse a little over a year ago. Growing up I felt like I was an “organized” person. Turns out I was just a perfectionist. Ever since I had to take care of a whole household everything seemed to fall apart on me. I heard of Order By Design shortly after moving into my home. I thought about asking for organization help, but kept believing the lies that I just have a lack of time issue, and that as my kids get older I will have a cleaner house. Daily, I felt like I was running around my house trying to keep it clean. No matter how much I worked I felt like it was all for nothing. For me, if my house looked the same as it did when my husband left for work, it was a good day! I was so embarrassed by my house that no guest had ever been upstairs in my home. My problem was greater than I knew. Once I finally realized I couldn’t get my house in order on my own I finally called on Order By Design. After meeting Heidi, I saw that I had more than just an organizational problem. I also was living in fear. A lot of the accumulation of stuff had come from living in fear. I essentially started to hoard every good deal I could come across thinking that if I bought it then, at a good price, that when I need it I would have it. I didn’t realize my behavior was hurting my whole household. Not only did I have way too many momentums from the past, but I had stuff that I just wanted to keep because I spent good money on it or thought I’d use the items later. I couldn’t find a home for most of my stuff so it piled up everywhere. With Order By Design, I was able to start working in the direction of gaining space in my house back. I also gained more self-esteem and confidence to be able to take care of my home with pride. Once I realized the fear of not being able to afford things in the future and that I’d rather have a clean, organized space than holding onto “things” I took the plunge. Heidi was able to give me assignments to help get it started. I was relieved immediately knowing that if I followed her direction I would soon have the organized home I dreamed of having. I quickly started to gain space back and I felt so motivated and empowered to keep going. I had no problem at that point to donate things and throw things out. I am fighting not only for a clean house but for the liberation of the unhealthy bondage and captivity I have felt living in my home due to the mess and chaos. I have already donated just about half of the things I have gone through in my home thus far. I have no regret getting rid of the stuff that I used to think was worthy of keeping. My mental well-being has changed drastically. I feel calm and confident as I see the changes. I am enjoying spending time in my home with my children instead of feeling like we are drowning in mess. I even play with my children upstairs! What Order By Design has done for me has been HUGE. It has enhanced the quality of my life and environment. It is so much easier my life by utilizing the space I had. I highly recommend Order By Design to everyone. No project is too big or too small for her. She dives right in and gets to work. There is no need to be embarrassed with her. She helped me to see that many people have the same issues I have and that it has nothing to do with being lazy, too busy, or incompetent. We all have our own strengths and organization is just not one of mine. Heidi can really access, make a plan, and execute like no other! I am forever grateful for her and her talent. My only regret is not calling on Order by Design sooner! My life will be forever changed.”