“I will start fresh when I move into my new place!”

Does this statement ring a bell?  It is very common to hear this, however the preparation really needs to come “BEFORE” the big move.

You will save so much more money by organizing, purging, and space planning prior to moving.  That way you will use less “man hours” from the movers because all the things you own will either be organized, container-ized, or GONE and not brought into your new home.

Moving is stressful enough.  Actually it is in the top “3” stressors outside of “public speaking” and “getting married”

Just as preparing for your wedding, and or speaking to a large group of people, moving should be prepared for as well.  It will drastically reduce the anxiety, and serve as a true benefit to you and your family.

This is the time to be pro-active!  Call today, and let us help you save time, and money!

Happy Moving!