Hello all, and so sorry for the lack of posts!

I have mentioned previously about being a part of VHMPA right? Well as of today, beginning Jan 2012 I have been blessed to be working with 19 new client families in this neighborhood, and they are keeping me very busy. I love it!

In addition to this wonderful news, I have joined the “Kohls” team in their Home Dept for extra income, and INSURANCE! If any of you have had to purchase individual health insurance (not including dental or vision), it is not cheap. Thankfully Kohls offers group plans for employees, regardless of hours worked………I thought I was dreaming when I discovered this fact.

I, like you are learning time management skills, and let me say, it is much easier to help someone else with theirs…ha!

Great news for the Kohls shoppers; we are adding furniture, lamps, and closet organization tools!!! Did I mention it was the perfect place for me to be, for many reasons!

Happy serving!