Hi friends, How are you doing?  Are you experiencing some pandemic stress, anxiety?

This writing may help.  Emotions are fickle, tenacious seeds. They make no sense, nor do they relate to any logic you attempt to apply to them.
Because they are so strong, they can easily manipulate you to believe they are very factual, they are NOT a fact.
During this very unsure time, when we are searching for our “new” foundation in which to rest, these pesky emotions pop in and start telling us things, and mostly negative.
The good news; we do have control on how we process these very real feelings!  The key is, we have to process them, not run away from them. They will find a way to come back just as strong, if not stronger if we do not “sit with them” when they come to visit.
The other positive note, is emotions will flee just as quickly as they appear. This is fact. So please try not to be afraid of them, they are only small children wanting your attention. If you sit with them, they WILL calm down, and eventually go about their business.
Hang in there friends.
You are not alone. We are all being faced with some of these pesky emotions we didn’t have to deal with previously, because our busy lives conveniently allowed us to avoid them.
Please know that if you’re having challenges, you are growing! You know what they say, there is no growth in your comfort zone.
Be well, and be kind to yourselves, you’re doing great!!

Heidi Luckenbach