Hello friends,
I hope this New Year is opening up new and exciting opportunities for you.
It is often said, it is only when you are stretched, that you grow.
For me this is very true. I was asked to do a presentation, on organizing tips, to a women’s group, in Brookhaven recently. It has been a few years since my last one, and it never ceases to amaze me, on where the butterflies come from!
I also was quite excited about it, as I felt “already” prepared somehow, and simply needed to execute this, in an orderly fashion. It worked, and I had a blast! I was very grateful to my client, who recommended me to speak, it was a lovely compliment.
The presentation lasted for about an hour and half, including some Q & A’s, I even made the group(approx. 30), as a whole, laugh a few times….that is a success, to me:)
I want to share my main premise to this presentation, which is….no one can do it all by themselves. We were not created to be an island. We are given unique gifts, so that we come together and support each other. Humility is necessary, to accomplish this, but some feel this is a weakness. It is not. Vulnerability takes strength, and with this, unlimited growth is available! So, ask for help, it’s okay that you cannot, or were not born with “all” gifts. You are not fully responsible for everything!
Happy Organizing!