Do you have a list of all the things you want out of life?

Are there items you wrote down but in the corner of your mind think “That would be great, but probably won’t ever happen” so you push it down it to the bottom of the list?

Will that make it happen any faster?

Has the world of instant gratification convinced you, if you can’t have it quickly enough then you won’t get it, or better yet don’t want it at all?

What happened to perseverance & determination?

Is it possible those two attributes make the unlikely become likely?

If someone’s trash is another’s treasure, why can’t your dreams be good enough without another’s opinion?

I am choosing to embark on a new adventure, “Heidi, you are almost 59, 3/4 of the way through your life! You’ve passed your prime for new things.” Does this thought ring any bells? I am not exactly sure why my mind wants to think this way, but I do know this is not how God wants us to live. He put you and me on this earth for a reason, and though it doesn’t always feel purposeful, it in no way means He is not using you in some way for His glory. As long as we are walking on this earth, Our Father has a reason for it. I love how God gives us little “winks” to show that He is actively working in our lives, here’s an example; I work part time at a nonprofit thrift store and during one of my shifts a lovely elderly couple walk in. Apparently they have been frequenting this store for quite sometime. After they left, one of the other associates said “They just got married. They are buying all this furniture for their new home.” My face lit up with the biggest smile, and before I could ask, the associate said “She’s 81, how cool is that!” That is exactly what I was thinking. How awesome is our God to know exactly what we need at the exact time we need it.

Friends, our timeline is not God’s. He is timeless, and exists outside of time itself, so if His perfect Will is for me to start a new venture at 58, well then let’s do this!

Won’t you let God be God, and show you His limitless power over your life? He gave you your wonderful gifts and talents to use, not hide them away, or bury in the ground. It’s NEVER too late!

Thank you Lord for your Hope over my life, and for your words today.

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