Interior Design

What a treasure Heidi Luckenbach and Order By Design has been for our family! Heidi came to our home to help us update our family room, but did such a wonderful job, that she has now helped us with almost every room in the house! Heidi has worked with us to make a beautiful “teen” room for our daughter, transform the playroom to a teen hang out, decorate our basement for entertaining, and even work on exterior living spaces. She has a talent for organizing, and an eye for adding personal touches to every living space. Heidi is warm and kind, a good listener, and is able to incorporate the (sometimes differing) ideas of both mine and my husband. She has made our house that we loved, our dream home. We get compliments from all our guests, and we are now thankful to not only call Heidi our interior designer, but our family friend! I have and will continue to highly recommend Heidi and Order By Design for anyone looking to update, change up, or add to their spaces!!

Erica & Shaun Butcher

Make this the year to invest in yourself and your home. Worth every penny!

In 2022, we were building a house which was overwhelming (and expensive) but I wanted it to truly feel like a home. I considered the idea of hiring an interior designer, but I was also extremely hesitant because of the additional cost involved and the challenge of finding the right person for the job. A friend of mine recommended Heidi Luckenbach, who designed several rooms in her home. Having been in her home, I knew that Heidi did beautiful work, but I had to get comfortable with the investment. Why Heidi? Heidi not only listened to what we said we wanted, but also took the time (and patience) to deeply understand our goals. Through the process, I could not have been more impressed with her energy, patience, work ethic, and vision. She transformed the house into our dream home! She went above and beyond our expectations and accomplished more in 5 days than I did in the 25 years living in my previous home. To say that Heidi is impressive and talented is an understatement. Everyone who walks into our home comments on how beautiful it is. But what is most important to us is how we feel when we walk in the front door. Having a home that we love is a dream come true but to also have been able to work with a vibrant and wonderful designer (and person) was a bonus. I highly recommend Heidi to anyone looking to redesign a room or an entire home.

Thanks so much Heidi!

Abby Benham

I have been working with Heidi/Order By Design, Inc since 2018. Heidi has helped me with interior design, decorating for holidays, and organizing. She actually organized my entire house, from top to bottom!

It probably would of taken months to get everything done, but with Heidi it was done in a few weeks! What a relief to come home from running the kids around to all their activities to a finished project! In addition to helping me with organization, she has done several interior design projects for us as well. One of our biggest projects was having Heidi and our builder bring to life our dream bourbon/golf themed basement, and we love it!

She also designed my husband’s executive office, brand new construction project.

I love decorating the house for Christmas but I don’t have a lot of time since I am on the road with my daughter at horseshows and Heidi comes to the rescue every year and makes our home look beautiful!

She also comes to take it all down afterward and puts it all away in our storage area, the same storage area she helped space-plan fit all holiday, and non-holiday items.

Heidi is always eager to work and I can count on her to be on time and get the job done in a timely manner!

Thank you Heidi & Order By Design, Inc!

Cortney Williams

Heidi (quite literally) saved me for Thanksgiving! 🙂 We just moved into a new house and are hosting 12 people for the Holiday, and she helped transform my house into a home with her WONDERFUL customer service, design and decor. She came and did the initial consult, shopped and set everything up all within a week, and I couldn’t have been happier with the finished product. I’m so appreciative of her efforts and would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Laurie G. Dolan

Heidi is the absolute BEST person to work with when designing your home!!! I spent a lot of time looking for the “right” designer to help me and my husband design our kitchen, breakfast area, living room, keeping room and bathroom.  My checklist was simple in my mind: Someone who listened to what we wanted, had similar taste with great ideas (of course), was affordable, and responsive when we had questions.  I spoke to a lot of people who could only deliver on a couple of these, but no one who could do all….until I met Heidi. Here is what I liked most about Heidi: Not only is she a great designer but a great communicator and problem solver.  It can be hard to satisfy two people who may have different opinions (especially when working with a husband and wife).  She listened to both of our ideas and figured out how to make everyone happy all while giving us a beautiful home that we both LOVE. Heidi is also fair when it comes to her pricing.  She is worth every penny and is great at communicating so there were never any surprises. And most of all, Heidi is just a great person. If you’re going to invest the money and time in designing your home it is important to really like the person you’re spending so much time with. We didn’t know Heidi personally before working with her and now I consider her a friend.  I cannot say enough good things about her talent and character.  I can’t wait to start our next project with her!

Angela Alea

“Heidi is a Designer’s Designer. She sets the standard for design consulting, vision and execution. She is also an incredibly beautiful soul. Do yourself a favor and find a way to work with her. I hired Heidi to help me with my home office and craft/guest room. What I was desperately looking for was some help bringing to life the vision I had in my head for the look and feel of my home. Heidi exceeded my expectations (and that, if you knew me, is hard to do). Heidi is the consummate professional – very focused on the task at hand, insightful and consultative, proactive and laser focused on keeping her promises around what I said I wanted accomplished in the time frame I wanted. She also communicated her willingness to work with me to continue my vision, in the following days/weeks (which I took advantage of and she saved me TONS of time and money); her on the spot advice was invaluable. I hosted an event at my home/home office a couple of days after my session with Heidi and the feedback was amazing. Heidi is not only competent, she is gifted. If you’re lucky enough to get on her schedule, just know her rates are more than competitive and pay for themselves instantly (according to my husband who usually never makes those kinds of comments).” #OrderByDesignIncRocks #LoveMeSomeHeidi

Karen Hilton

“Heidi with Order by Design is brilliant! During our first meeting to work on my house design and organization, she helped make significant changes that improved both the look and function, i.e. move furniture to make room look/feel bigger, focus on key items that mean a lot to me, and make sure flow is easy so you want to be in the room. It is amazing to me how the little things can make a difference! She was great to work with and really focused on budget, most impact, and helping me get the most out of our time. As an engineer, I did not understand the design aspect and her suggestions for furniture, colors, and art were RIGHT ON THE MARK! She also did not try to change my style, but worked to understand it so I was thrilled with the end result. Going into this I thought hiring a designer/organizer was a luxury. After working with Heidi, I am convinced it is a necessity. I would have loved my home a lot sooner had I done this years before. The look, function, and feel of my home is so improved and I get TONS of compliments on it! I highly recommend Order by Design. Look at her sight to see pictures of my before and afters. Thanks so much Heidi!”

Susan VanHouten

Alpharetta, GA

“I hired Heidi after several enthusiastic reviews on my neighborhood listserv. I knew my living room had a lot of potential but I had no idea how to utilize it. She listened to my thoughts on what I wanted, and asked a lot of questions to better understand what I was after. What was particularly helpful was that when I presented I had in mind, e.g. a blue couch and a square coffee table, she never said “yes” or “no”, but rather explained that if I went that route, then this is the effect that creates, and this is how those choices impact the choice of rug, artwork, bookcases, etc. It really gave me a good idea of how all my options fit together to create a seamless look. She also gave me a lot of ideas about places to purchase furniture that I wasn’t familiar with, and had a few REALLY easy suggestions about re-arranging my current furniture. We moved the dining room sideboard from one part of the room to another and the effect was dramatic. She also offers decluttering and organizing services – I didn’t need those but people who do say they’re amazing. When we’re ready to re-do some other rooms in the house, we’ll definitely call Heidi again!”

Johanna Chapin

Atlanta, GA

“I recently worked with Heidi Luckenbach of Order By Design, Inc. based on recommendations from several VHMPA members and she is AMAZING. If you are looking to get organized before the holidays, and get rid of all the clutter you’ve been accumulating before bringing all those new Christmas presents into your house, Heidi is the person to call. The best part about Heidi is that in addition to being a professional organizer, she has a background as a home stager/interior designer so she combines those elements when she is helping you get organized. I originally hired Heidi to help organize my home office. After one visit, the room was completely rearranged, the closet was organized perfectly and it looked like something out of a magazine. She even hung pictures on the walls! And, Heidi works with what you already have – she used all my existing furniture, containers, organizational stuff, etc. as well as rearranging lamps/rugs from other rooms to make everything come together. I was so impressed with Heidi’s work I asked her to come back to reorganize our playroom (a HUGE undertaking), our utility room, hallway closets and my daughter’s room. She works quickly and efficiently – this was the best money I have spent in a long time. Our house looks wonderful and having everything in its place brings a new feeling of serenity to the whole house! “

Courtney Harkness

Atlanta, GA

“Heidi Luckenbach of Order By Design, Inc. designed the set for our TV show ‘The Acoustic Lunch Hour’. The show is set in the world-famous Darwin’s Burgers and Blues in Marietta, Georgia and Heidi had her work cut out for her. She had to take a bare stage and add accents to it to make it attractive to a broad audience while keeping Darwin’s “juke joint” image intact. She did this with flying colors! The folks at Darwin’s liked it so much, they keep the set up for every performance that takes place on their stage.”

Giuseppe Colato

Atlanta, GA

 “I moved into my first apartment on my own and was immediately overwhelmed. I had so many ideas to decorate but no clue where to start. Thank goodness for Heidi! I sent her pictures of what I was looking for in my new place. She came over and talked with me and went over the pictures and ideas I had so she understood exactly what I wanted. I felt completely at ease when she left to shop. When she came back I couldn’t contain my excitement! She made my place absolutely beautiful and everything she got was perfectly in line with the idea I had in my head. Most importantly, she helped my new “place” feel like my new “home”. Thank you Heidi you’re amazing!”

Caroline Stephenson

Atlanta, GA

‎”I have used Heidi on several occasions! The first time, I had her redo my daughter’s bedroom. All she had to go by, was the comforter my daughter had picked out. She got my daughter’s input on the colors and what she liked. Heidi came up with the perfect wall colors, and found complimentary window treatments and a bedskirt. She has the magic eye! My daughter and her friends think her room is sooo cool! The second occasion I used Heidi’s expertise was for my master bedroom. Since moving in we hadn’t done anything to the room. It had no pictures or window treatments. My husband and I had purchased a new bed and decided it was time to fix it up. Heidi came in, rearranged our furniture, which in itself, made our room seem so much bigger! Then new paint, window treatments, art, and throw pillows for our bed………Amazing!  I love Heidi’s work so much, I had her redo my Living Room, which is on the front page of her website, and our sunroom too. I will be using her for my next project, the guestroom! Thanks Heidi, you’re the best!”

Melanie Stephenson

“Dear Heidi, God is truly directing your path! I have grown & been inspired by your presence. My house is beyond my greatest expectation. I had no idea the capacity of your amazing talent! I will probably end up seeing you on HGTV one day. It was priceless the first day you worked, and completed decorating 3 full rooms! My husband was sure we had went shopping, when you simply had utilized pieces I already owned. That in itself is a testament to your master design abilities. I can’t express into words how you have helped give my life back to me, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!”

Dwan Wright

Apopka, FL

“Hi Heidi – Thank you again for all of your help last month with my new house. You really helped me pull everything together by utilizing what I already had and helped me to keep my costs down. Since the housewarming party I have had so many compliments about my place and I owe it to you. Your design concepts were extremely helpful and I appreciated your quick results work efforts. Through my experience working with you, it has stimulated my own decorating thoughts and I look forward to working with you again. Thank you again!”


“I recently purchased a new home that was in bad need of paint color updates. Heidi was recommended to me by my real-estate agent for the task. I contacted Heidi and made the appointment. I dabble in interior design for fun in my own home. I lived in my previous home for 20 years, and had ideas of the color palettes that I wanted to use. I brought pictures of all my furniture and rooms from my current home to give her an idea of what she had to work with. She looked over everything that I had and demonstrated how to showcase my home by neutralizing my paint colors while reusing all my current colorful furnishings. I jokingly call my new color palette “15 shades of gray.” I have 3 rooms with trey ceilings. She did an amazing job! I couldn’t be more pleased with how neutralizing the paint colors and varying the shades, pulled all the rooms together and made the house flow. She also gave me ideas of furniture placement to maximize the space in the new home. Shortly after the move, my schedule got crazy, so all my décor remained in boxes. Finally, I decided that it was time to make this house a home. I pulled some of my favorite pieces out and began to decorate. I was at a total loss on where to start! I never dreamed that one of my favorite pass times could be so overwhelming! My new home is a much more open plan than my previous home. After rearranging pictures and décor on 2 walls numerous times, I gave up and called Heidi to my rescue! When she arrived, I had all my décor unpacked and laid out for her review. She is so amazing! She is such a natural! She looked at my items and immediately began placing those based best focal points. She & I worked for 4 hours arranging/rearranging items, discussing ideas, and educating me on new design trends. That night, we were able to get ½ of the décor placed and hung. It was so much fun! I learned so much from her! She also dispelled many wall hanging myths & showed me what hardware to use to simplify almost any task. There was so much work to do, she had to come back a second day to finish it all. I can’t say enough about Heidi! I have also used her to update the colors in my previous home for staging, and will use her again as I do future projects in my new home. Her fees are very reasonable and well worth every penny! I have even had a friend use her based on the results in my home.”

Melanie Green

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you came on such short notice and stayed until we had completed the project. I appreciated your many helpful suggestions and think that the house is looking even better now that you have touched it and us. I look forward to working with you again.”

Ann Harper

“Heidi is an enthusiastic professional who created an entire new look in my home by re-arranging furniture, accessories and artwork. Her keen eye for color, detail and placement of items added warmth, while making each room feel more spacious. Order By Design brings a whole new dimension to decorating and staging. Thanks so much!”

Karen Morin

“Heidi is an awesome organizer and visual merchandiser.  She is a true professional in her work ethics. Her enthusiasm and desire to please her clients is refreshing.  Heidi works hard, is diligent, and completes her jobs by the deadlines promised.  She is a delightful individual and her organizational expertise is to be admired.  If you are overwhelmed with all of your “stuff” don’t hesitate to contact Order by Design, Inc.  Heidi can put your life back together again.”

Vicci Barrett

Design Director at Beazer Interior Design and Owner, Creative Designs by Vicci

“I have known and worked with Heidi on many design projects over the past four years. She is extremely talented and always able to come up with creative initiatives. In addition, Heidi has long been one of the most organized people I know! The creation of Order By Design, Inc. is the perfect marriage of all of her talents. I have every confidence that she will do nothing but exceptional work for her clients.”

Angela Hogan

Senior Design Manager, Beazer Interior Design

We moved into our house a year and a half ago with furniture that is way too big for the house and way too traditional for my taste. Buying new furniture at this point is not an option for us. Because of this, I have been very uncomfortable in our family room. I felt like the furniture was blocking the room, and kids’ toys were constantly scattered everywhere, blocking what little pathways we were able to create. Built-in bookshelves had kids’ books thrown on them and had become a storage spot for everything that I did not have time to put away and for everything that didn’t have another place to go. After just a couple of hours, Heidi completely transformed the room. She rearranged all of the furniture, decorated my bookshelves, and set up rules for the room (kid toys are no longer stored in this room – that’s what our playroom is for). She made the room a comfortable living space that we can actually walk through and where we can enjoy hanging out with the kids. Because of the “rules” and organization that she set up, the room is very rarely a mess, and I am not constantly battling furniture, toys, and books. Heidi transformed our family room simply by moving things around and taking unused pieces from other places in our house. I didn’t have to buy a thing for the room. She has an amazing ability to pull accessories, art, and furniture from storage areas, closets, and other rooms to set up a nice-looking and functional living space. I am so grateful for Heidi’s expertise and passion for helping to restore the “homey” feeling of our living space. Next project: kid’s playroom! We have our work cut out for us on this one, Heidi!

Jennifer Garrett

Marietta, GA

Houzz Recommended

Home Staging

“I hired Heidi Luckenbach to stage my house to sell.  She came over on a Saturday and stayed with me for 4 hours. During those 4 hours she selected all of the colors for the house. Wow – she has energy and drive!! I knew that my house needed another touch for it to sell at the highest price and she helped me understand and break down exactly what this meant. Working with her was incredible. She’ll work with any budget and do whatever you need. She has a natural eye and can design any area. She hung pictures, moved furniture and put her final touch on accessories. My house was listed on a Friday and I had an offer on Sunday. This is simply because of what Heidi did for the house. I am moving to an apartment and I can tell you that just as soon as I move, I’m calling Heidi to stage it too!! Everyone that comes to my house, ask – ‘Please give me your designer’s phone number’!! More than happy to say – call Heidi!”

Melissa Murphy

Happy Customer

“Heidi Luckenbach with Order by Design is a fantastic stager. I have been very impressed with her attention to detail and her wonderful way of working with my sellers. Many time Sellers do not want to hear that they need to paint or change a home for market, especially if they have lived in that home for a long time. They have raised their children there and are very emotionally attached to their home. Heidi helps “encourage” them to make those changes that make a huge positive price difference when the home is exposed to the market. She is very complimentary about their home and yet helps them see the light due to her experience and the confidence that she exhibits. She is Fantastic with color and really has a great eye for furniture arrangement. Heidi is a joy to work with and a valuable member of my team!”

Beverly Fenello

Keller Williams Realty

“Heidi is AWESOME! She has an eye for detail that is impossible to replicate. I’ve worked with Heidi for more than 5 years – everything from simple room organizing and makeovers to design consultations and oversight on a major home renovation. There is nothing she can’t do! She will work with your tastes and your budget and come up with the perfect solution. I’ve learned that it is always better to call Heidi first – she will end up saving you time, money and the aggravation of making the wrong design choices. Heidi is also an amazing house stager! She staged our house when we put it on the market and we had an offer within the first week, every buyer and agent who came through the house commented on how well the house showed. Heidi is a true gem – professional, full of great ideas and energy, and easy to work with!”
Courtney Harkness

Atlanta, GA

Heidi did an amazing job transforming our house into a gorgeous home! We are selling our home and she worked tirelessly for days to stage it beautifully. My home looks like a Pottery Barn catalog! My friends and family have raved about her work. And even contractors who come to the house compliment it! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to update their interior design. We love it so much we hate to move!!”

Charlie Hinton

“We utilized Heidi’s services, recently, to stage our home quickly to be put on the market. We have been so impressed by the results and would strongly recommend her to others. After our realtor saw the house, she commented that she expected a camera crew to jump out from HGTV because of the level of professionalism that was shown in such a short amount of time. Heidi is an extremely efficient, hard worker and is very experienced and decisive. We were impressed with all her recommendations from paint colors to florals, and plan to carry her design advice into our next home. We highly recommend her to those who want to take advantage of her model home design experience to make their home ‘show worthy.'”

Megan Strickland

“I referred Heidi to a client who was selling their vacant home. We needed to stage some rooms, as well as update some rooms with paint. Heidi facilitated the staging, and also chose all the paint colors for the rooms.  Her knowledge and experience made a big difference in how this home shows.  I refer Heidi whenever I can!”

Barry Wolfert


“Where do I begin! Selling homes in today’s real estate market is tough enough. As I tell my clients, “The homes that are 10’s are the ones that are selling and YOU NEED TO BE A 10!” That is the miracle work Heidi can perform. She can take most any house and make it look like a showplace. I had one listing she staged in less than 3-1/2 hours that sold in 19 days – and in today’s market that is awesome! She is usually able to work with what the homeowner has in their home and create a beautifully staged masterpiece. My clients were moving out of the country and said that they wished they could take Heidi with them to get them set-up in their new home half-way around the world! Bottom line – I no longer take listings without having Heidi perform her miracle – at least for a few hours to get the house ready to be shown. I highly recommend her and would not sell a home without her. You can’t afford NOT to have Heidi prepare your home for sale. Everyone is talking about CHANGE in the world today – Call Heidi and I guarantee she will CHANGE your home for the BETTER.”

Barbara Anderson


“WOW!”   That has been the reaction from my children, my mom, friends and neighbors when they have seen my house after Heidi did her magic.   If I have to sum it up, for me, her comment on her webpage “…for your Sanity” would have to be it.  I am a divorced (still going through court proceedings w/my ex), single mom of 2 difficult children (ADHD/bipolar/ODD) and my house was reflecting the chaos in my life. I was actually sleeping with my problems, literally (paperwork, files, etc on my bed with me). Every room was piling up with my “past” and clutter.  My life seemed like it was out-of-control and I wanted to get it back. Now, after Heidi came to my rescue, I feel like I can breathe again!  Heidi needs to add, to her business card, that she’s not only a consultant, but a therapist!   I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me.  I have gotten part of my life back, because of Heidi. THANK YOU…THANK YOU!

Joanne Evans

“‘Daddy, I wish our house could always look like this.’ This is a quote from my 5 year old. Heidi has turned our house into a home. I am a single father of two and I never knew my house could look like this. Heidi truly does work miracles and what she did here says it all. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Kenneth King

Professional Organizing

“What started out as a 1-2 day project turned into a several month long adventure with Heidi! I was so impressed with her abilities that I didn’t want to stop. I thought I had an organized house until she came into the picture- she thought of things I never would have imagined. An errand closet- who knew! You won’t be sorry bringing Heidi into your home- she has the imagination, creativity, energy and drive to make your life simpler. She is also great fun to work with- we had a blast. I give her my highest recommendation!”
Taylor Residence

Atlanta, GA

Highly recommend Order By Design, Inc.  and Heidi Luckenbach “I recently hired Heidi (from a referral on a forum) to organize my home. She did such a spectacular job, I had her organize my business as well!  Heidi immediately grasped my needs and worked quickly to get me organized. She made my entire house flow properly. Most of us in this neighborhood live in old houses. Old houses usually mean small closets. I now have space everywhere!! Heidi’s amazing talent to organize is topped off by her eye for design. Not all organizers can design as well. The combination is truly unique. The results are amazing! The improvements Heidi made are saving me hours each day. She is worth every single penny! I highly, highly recommend her for your home or business.”

Melissa Hayes

Atlanta, GA, BTB Fitness

“We moved into our home over a year ago, the following Monday I started a new job and work long hours. Then my father suffered a stroke and I commuted to his home out of state for several months before he subsequently passed away. When my life settled down a bit, I finally realized there just weren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things I wanted done to transform our house into a home. A few weeks before Thanksgiving I finished unpacking the few boxes we had left stored in our office and dining room; I had books everywhere! Thank goodness I found Heidi – what a blessing! Heidi and I discussed the project over the phone and my husband met her at our house the next day. WOW – I was speechless when I arrived home! I could have never accomplished what Heidi did in five hours! I was so impressed by her work that I asked her to return the very next day! I am not the easiest person in the world to please and Heidi surpassed my expectations in every way. My two tiny toy red poodles Boudreaux and Mudd Bugg loved her too! I’ll never struggle for hours on the weekend when I have big home project – I’ll be calling Heidi!”

Vicky Holmes

“Heidi has been a true blessing!  She not only listens to my needs, and wants, but she offers very helpful hints, and advice.  As a busy mother of 3 boys, I often have to ask Heidi just to “take over” and she has taken my tastes but added her expertise!  Heidi is a delight to have in my home and is a joy to work with.  She’s flexible, fun, and the times flies by!  Often I’ve had to leave for carpool and I return to a decorated and organized surprise that I’ve “loved” everytime! She has helped me organize my basement, storage room, perfected my kitchen, organized, designed, and merchandised the office, and added her special touches to all areas of my home.   I highly recommend Heidi for ANY job!”

Whitney Wideman

Marietta, GA

“Awesome! Thank you so much!

I want to thank you again for your help yesterday. My daughter LOVES her “new” room! She calls it a “toy wonderland where everything is put away!” You have brought much order to a room of chaos. You are the best :)”

Cindy Robinson

“My husband, our 11-month old daughter, and I recently moved to Atlanta and we were faced with unpacking our large home’s contents into a smaller apartment.  I had reached a plateau with unpacking and had no energy left, yet there were still piles of boxes cluttering our living space.  I reached out to Heidi, and during her first visit Heidi and I went through nearly half of the boxes.  By the second appointment with Heidi our space had dramatically changed: it felt open, organized, clear, and much more habitable.

Heidi is a fantastic worker and comes ready to get things done.  She is adept at both organizing and staging, and it is amazing how, with her,  it all comes together so quickly.  After Heidi was here one day, my husband came home and asked, “Did she bring a team of people?” No – it was just Heidi and I, and much was done in just a few hours time.  I am so glad I reached out, as I no longer have the daily dread of needing to go through all our stuff.  I can focus on my family, my business, and have guests over with no worries.  I highly recommend her, and am looking forward to our next session!”

Kaity Moreira

Independent Stylist, Stella & Dot

“Heidi is wonderful!  We only had a few days to get packed, to move into our new home we had built this year. Heidi stepped in and got busy. She basically did it all. She packed, moved, and unpacked us like the true professional she is. I do not know what we would have done without her!

Heidi has helped me, as a professional organizer/designer for the past few years. She has organized, space planned, merchandised, packed, unpacked, and re-merchandised both of my homes.

She has been an invaluable asset to our family. I highly recommend her as a professional and as a friend.”

Lois Watts

Alpharetta, GA

Amazing! That is literally the word I always use when Heidi finishes a project in my home.  She is amazing, and her work is amazing.  I enjoy working with her to transform a space from cluttered and dysfunctional, to beautiful and organized, with a purpose.  She works quickly and effectively.  She definitely provides value – working with Heidi is time and money well spent!

Angela Strickland

Marietta, GA

“I had Heidi Luckenbach  organize my kitchen today….SO THRILLED!!   She is a lovely person…she worked the WHOLE TIME, and got my kitchen in tip top shape….  I already have another appt to work on other parts of my house!  I can totally recommend her without any reservations at all.    Very thrilled….She helps with any job…..I suspect that we will have a long, relationship together!!  :-)”

Meg Cocroft

Virginia Highland Morningside Parent Association

I am temporarily living in a one room studio and pretty much just packed as much stuff into the space as I could. It was difficult to move around, and had hardly any floor space because of boxes, stacks of papers and other “stuff”. After 3 hours with Heidi, I had floor space again and my family couldn’t believe it was the same room!!  I ended up with a plan and place for everything which made sense to me and the look is more visually pleasing and open. I’m very happy with the results and have been able to maintain the space with a minimum of re-accumulated clutter. All of this was done by a little video and voice coming through my computer. Since I’m not local to Heidi, it was suggested that we try using Skype. With Skype and my laptop webcam I was able to take her with me into each corner of the room and she was able to give me directions. This remote service worked very well and I was able to dive right into moving things around with Heidi directing.  Not only did she show me how to rearrange my space, she educated me in  kind, but firm way on how to maintain it. To anyone out there there with a tendency for clutter or straight up “Piles Disease” like I had, I highly recommend Heidi’s services!

Christopher Lacey

“My life has been chaotic the last few years, as a result, our home was completely out of control – each and every room and one could barely walk in the basement! My thoughtful and desperate husband told me to call Heidi. That was the beginning of bringing order to our home and our life! I had few suggestions about the organization and literally walked away and said “do whatever you can”, even left home for 5 days. Heidi achieved no less than a miracle with what she had to work with! I came home to a beautifully organized home. I recommend Heidi to everyone who needs some sanity in their cluttered world. I trusted her fully and am so grateful I did. The bonus is that she became a wonderful friend to our family. Thanks Heidi!!”

Sharon Coppock

“As young newlyweds living in a small one bedroom apartment we were definitely cluttered and clueless! Combining both of our possessions into one household coupled with a tight budget meant that we didn’t have systems in place for organization, nor did we have a true direction for our interior design. After finding Heidi through google and reading her fabulous testimonies, I set up an appointment.

In just 4 hours she changed the way my husband and I were living. For the first time we had space, we knew where everything was and we started seeing the potential of our little home. She truly did give us our sanity back and has been helping to create a sanctuary for us ever since. We look forward to our appointments with Heidi knowing that each time she steps through the door our home becomes more and more welcoming.Heidi is a bundle of enthusiasm and energy with a warm and friendly personality. My husband says she’s just like a hummingbird and it’s so true! We all worked together during that first 4 hour session but it didn’t feel like work, it immediately felt like we were just spending time with an old friend. During that first session she helped us accomplish an astonishing amount of work, I am not exaggerating when I say that it would have taken my husband and I at least a week to do what she did with us in 4 hours. She helped us to purge out old items we were needlessly hanging on to and rediscover treasured items that had been buried amongst the clutter and actually use them! In addition to her amazing organization skills she has a wonderful talent for interior design. As a graphic designer I have a knowledge of color and design but I tend to get impulsive and lost when it comes to decorating my home. Within moments of talking to us she had a list of buzzwords for us to start forming a design around. During our second session we picked out the paint colors and her ability to add depth and drama without becoming over the top is amazing! She’s put together a gorgeous palette and style that matches our budget and exceeds all of our dreams. Heidi has truly changed our lives. My husband and I are no longer stressed while at home, we no longer bicker over where things are. We can find anything within moments, and we now have a sanctuary to relax and unwind in. Heidi hasn’t just organized our apartment and helped me pick out paint colors, she’s made it a home and most of all she’s become a friend to both my husband and me.
Vanessa Cartwright

Alpharetta, GA

I am a current client of Heidi’s.  We have been working together for the past four months and I am not sure what I would do without her. She has been able to come into my house and help me make it a home. We moved into this house about a year ago and then promptly had a number of life stressors that just did not leave us the time or inclination to get our house and lives in order. We also have three small children and I just felt like I was fighting a losing battle. When I met Heidi, I just wanted my dining room table back and she gave me a whole room! Heidi is great because she listens to what I need and helps me devise organizational strategies that will allow me to achieve what I need to to keep my house and life functioning in a healthier and more efficient way. She also works great independently and gets projects done while I’m running around taking care of immediate kid stuff or otherwise. She has transformed my home and the way I think about it. She is genuine and caring and I trust her with my property and my home and feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and concerns. She is very hard working and very efficient. I wish I could see things the way she does. But that is why I have hired her and continued to work with her. She can see rooms and how things will work long before I can and it is great. I hope you get a chance to work with her. I think you will find that it is worth your time and money.

Leslie Anderson

Roswell, GA

“When I gave direction on the organization of my office, I simply said: “Could you tidy it up a bit” I had no idea how untidy my office had become. I had no idea the nature of my office had become a monkey on my back. I found that I spent less and less time in my home office because of it. Another example of how my life was out of balance, my office had become such a “catch all” that the work I needed to do seemed to be so much more of a challenge.I work often from home and found that I would take my computer to a different room.The responsibilities of my job, combined with an untidy office, often made the work at hand, much more daunting. When Heidi finished with my office, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.My work seems more easy to manage. In fact I’m more motivated to get the work off my desk to maintain the order of my new office. Yes, my new office! Taking what I already had and making it new. New in design. New in feel. It has given me energy and I look forward to the peace in my office, not the anxiety I felt before.Order by Design is much more then making a space more tidy or attractive.It can change the energy to be one that is positive and not negative. And the importance of positive energy, especially in your place of work, cannot be measured. Thank you Order by Design. Thank you Heidi, for helping me be more as a result of your work and talent.”

Steve Luckenbach

“Before you came, our basement and garage were places where we threw things and shut the doors quickly to keep them from falling back on top of us. Finding something in either location was an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones! Now, everything is pristine, we have more room than we ever knew we had and we can find items at the drop of hat. We’re not even embarrassed to leave our garage doors open any longer! Thank you so much, we are extremely pleased! Everything looks terrific. You are a miracle worker Heidi!”

The Wrobels

“It was my lucky day when I was introduced to Heidi & Order By Design, Inc. during my recent move. There was NO WAY with or without my six year old twins that I could tackle, with such grace and efficiency, such an overwhelming project! I had 15 years worth of stuff to sort through, eliminate, and re-organize (a lot of it being organized for the first time ever) – after packing and unpacking into a new home. Within days Heidi had my new house feeling like a home and functioning as it should. I can see and use everything I own. I can find what I need and I didn’t know that my closet could look this good! My home is now beautiful and inviting – not something I could have accomplished on my own especially with limited resources and time. She has been well worth the reasonable investment I made, utilizing her time and expertise. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I recommend her to anyone interested in taking advantage of her many talents. When it is time to do more decorating, organizing, and shopping, I will consult with and utilize Heidi before I make a move.”

Jenny Horrigan

“With my busy lifestyle as a musician I am only home a few days a month. When I moved I was overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done just to set up my one bedroom to make it livable. Heidi was able to come to my home and settle my life and get me organized in one day! It was a breath of fresh air and a load off my mind!”

Morgan Stone

“I would like to write and thank Heidi for the wonderful job she did in my home. I had requested a seasonal wardrobe exchange and storage but I received so much more. With complete professionalism and expertise, Heidi brought out my winter things, packaged and stored my summer weights. It was done in such a efficient way, I found that not only will I be able to gain access to my wardrobe more readily, but much more creatively, expanding ensemble possibilities I had not previously envisioned. As a bonus, her organization was so skillful, I found I had far more storage in the same, original space. The additional suggestions and modifications made with art placement, and tabletop decor, only served to heighten a smooth transition to a new season. I feel excited and prepared for Fall and Winter! Consider this company already retained in the Spring for my next Seasonal Transition!”

Daisy Pratt

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