Who are you?

Do you struggle with your identity or self confidence?

How are you coming up with your description?

Do you gather your statistics from past comments of those around you? Are you including social media input?

Can any outside source really know you? Aren’t they basing their opinion thru their own lens which will never be 100% objective?

If you don’t know who you really are, and those around you cannot see you objectively, how do you find the answers you need for your healing?

Great Wednesday morning friends. The topic of my writing today was fueled by watching one of my morning devotional programs. Pastor David Winston was a guest speaker, he was talking about his book Authentic, and how we must first go to God’s word, and the original great manufacturer Himself. He’s the one who created us and knows us intimately. If we are going to have a conversation about authenticity, it can never be based off an outside source. Even one as close as a parent cannot truly know you like the One who formed you in your mother’s belly, and knew you before time began. Your complete identity starts with Christ. He is the One who knows the reason you are here, right here, right now. Yes, there is a specific reason you were born to your parents, and brought up by them, or other adult(s)for a season, but please know that regardless of all the good or not so good things they said, who you are can only be who God says, no one else. With that, if you do not know God within the scope of a personal relationship with him, your efforts to gather truthful answers will always fall short.

The first step to getting the answers you so desire is accepting Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior. It is the greatest decision you will ever make for your life on earth, as well as eternally. I will add that choosing to follow him, and surrendering your daily activities to his will, can only be accomplished by the strength and power of the Holy Spirit that comes to live inside you. It is a daily choice learning to trust the Almighty Father who thinks you are special, and cannot love you more. Your authentic self discovery starts with the Creator. Get to know Him, and you will get all the answers you need about yourself!

Thank you Lord for your creation and purpose for me, and for your words today.

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