How long have you lived in your home?   Are their things in your home you do not use anymore, but keep them around “just in case?”

My experience has consistently proven that simply keeping things, so you don’t have to purchase them again, costs you more money than saving it.

In your pursuit to hold on to things, things accumulate.  It comes a time where you are struggling to find the things you DO use because the things you DONT have gotten in the way.  It is at that time you will go out and spend money to buy those things you use because you cannot locate the original thing.

It is a common statement I hear; “Wow, I was looking for that!  I bought another one because I didn’t think I had it still!”  Does this sound familiar?

By utilizing an organizer (if that is not your gift) to separate what you use, and what you just want to keep, in case, will very quickly show you you do not have to hang on to those “just in case” items as much.

Take the kitchen for instance ~ I have restructured many kitchens only to find much of the space being taken up are things that people rarely use!   If you were to move those pieces to a less used space in the house, you will have MUCH more room to find the items you use without the fear of opening up a cabinet or pantry and stuff falling out at you.

This process is profoundly helpful in your day to day life.  No one wants to struggle just to do the daily tasks necessary to function.

Some have said…it will just happen again.  I say, no!  If you are doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…..(that is the definition of insanity).  However by doing something different, and expecting different results……….(that is very sane).

Let’s get busy and do something “Different” today!  It will change your outlook on many levels.

Happy organizing!