Hello everyone,

Yes, it has been a minute since I’ve posted.  My mom passed away on May 4th of this year from a rare cancer she bravely battled for 15 years.  I am so thankful I was able to spend a month with her while in Hospice of Cincinnati.  What an amazing staff there!   I love and appreciate them all so much for their care and attention to detail so mom’s short time there was special.

I am back “at it” again, but now with a more developed sense of purpose.  I can now truly understand and empathize with friends, and client’s alike who have lost a loved one.  It is an experience no one can prepare you for.

I am grateful to all, who knew about my mom, who were able to visit, called, sent flowers, etc.  It was a blessing to her, my brother and me.

“All is Well and All will be Well” a saying my mom shared with me often.   I rest on those words, and knowing she is also with me where ever I go.  I suppose my words to those who have yet to loose a parent, and can’t imagine how they’d survive, is…  I understand, I thought the exact same thing.   What I learned is the grace you need to go thru that, or anything difficult, will come in the time you need it, not before.   There is a peace that passes all understanding I have never felt, when my mom went to heaven.  Yes I miss her so so much, and still mourn, however I am able to wake up in peace, get dressed, enjoy the day, have a laugh, and much more, more quickly than I could have imagined.   My mom also shared with me one week before I went to visit for Easter; “Honey, I just know you will heal quickly from this.”   I simply replied “Ok.  I believe you.”  Mom was a woman of integrity, intellect, and beautiful grace, why should I question this statement when I trusted all her other statements made to me growing up….so I did.   I was blessed with 51 precious years with a mom who was supportive, and provided me the unconditional love poets write about.  I was blessed to have her, and am blessed that she is in my heart, and guiding me everyday, til we meet again………….and then it will be forever, and ever<3

Thank you for reading –