Continuing on with the “paper monster” which is a big issue in many homes;  sit down with a sticky note pad in front of you and begin writing one category per sticky, and put them along the edge of your dining room table or any large surface that is free from clutter or things period.  Neatly place the pile of papers on the floor, and bring up only small amounts of the stack at a time, to the table.  Have a trash can next to you as well.  Hopefully there will be items you can simply toss.  If you are a recycler/shredder – then bring a container for those as well.  If you have all of your supplies handy, you are less likely to have to get up and walk away, which can distract you from your goal.

Example:  sticky #1 = utility bills  sticky #2 = manuals  sticky #3 = children’s papers   sticky #4 = coupons  sticky #5 = tax receipts  sticky #6 = medical/insurance paperwork

*** this is just an example of how to begin organizing your paperwork so you can categorize them in folders or plastic containers w/lids **** 

Once you determine your sticky-categories that work best for your home/mail, keep them and re-use them each time you feel your paperwork is getting out of hand!

Happy organizing!!