I have to share a new product my best friend told me about.  She gave me a demonstration at her house when I was visiting (FLA) and I was blown away.


Above is the link, and I tell you I will never use anything else!   I am not getting paid, nor getting discounts for talking about this product, I just thoroughly believe in it.

It’s called the “Miracle Cloth” and that it is!   No more products to buy…Cut one cloth in half, wet one with hot water(first time only) wring it out, wipe, and use the other to dry.

It’s not an imitation of the “ShamWOW” or anything you’ve every used before.

For only 10.00, you get 5.  Wash with no softner, and don’t dry them….and they will last forever.

I cleaned my bathroom mirrors(3 of them) in less than 5 minutes…no streaks no hastle.  I also cleaned my stainless steel fridge in less then a minute, beautiful!!!

Tell your friends, give as gifts…your friends & family will LOVE you:)

Happy Cleaning!


Streak Free Lint Free