I received a call from a client I hadn’t worked with in quite some.  She wanted assistance with some organizing, paperwork and general clutter which had accumulated over the past 4 months.

Upon entering her home I was quite pleased with her efforts to maintain as best she could with her very busy schedule.  Before I had a chance to relay my thoughts she initiated a conversation by telling me how ashamed she felt for having to, once again, call me.  Without a single breathe in between she continued to tell me of the conversation she had with her mom; “I am so embarrassed to have to call Heidi back again.  I should be able to do this! I am an intelligent woman, or so I thought.”

At this point I felt so compelled to reassure her those are her thoughts, not mine.  My life’s work is to serve with my gifts not to place judgement.

Back to our conversation.  She shared with me her mom’s response ” Honey, you’re thinking about this a little too much.  I’m sure Heidi is just happy to have the business.”  Wow, I couldn’t have said it any better!  She nailed it.   I was simply happy to hear from her, just like all of my return clients.

Dear clients:  I am honored you believe in me and have the faith to know I will get you to your ultimate goal.  In addition to this, I hope you feel good knowing you are supporting your local small businesses!  Thank you all for your continued patronage.

Heidi Luckenbach