Do you like to travel?

Is the thought of going on an adventure to a distant location in your mind often?

How about once you’ve been on that trip for a while, are you ready to be back home?

What is it about home that has the power to move us from one location to another?

What thoughts come to you when you think of that word?

Are they good, bad, perhaps just a big bag of mixed emotions thrown in together?

“Is the second half of life really about healing from the first half?” This is a quote from on Instagram. What a powerful message huh? I imagine it’s all how you look at it. Yes, there were bad things that happened in my life but there were great things too. Do the bad things outweigh the good? According to who? You, or me? I now believe they were tremendous lessons that showed me I needed a savior, we all do.

What or who is keeping you going? Your kids, your spouse, your work? Don’t you think God knew exactly what would keep you grounded and anchored to move forward until you came to know Him, and provided that gift at just the right time? Personally, work is what took that mantle for many years of my life, it gave me an identity of sorts, but it never brought me to the safe place I really needed for my soul. There is nothing on this earth that can give you what only God can. He is the Anchor we all need. But how do we know that until we see evidence of Him? It is thru testimonies of those who have tethered their boat to Him, and watched that no matter how big the wave or storm, they did not move. We as Christians have a very important job while we’re still here on earth. God tells us to be His light. As He lives inside of us, we are to become more and more like Him and less of who we are. It is only then that He can show Himself to those who don’t know Him as God. Our Mighty Savior is the lighthouse in the storm. You are never too far gone that He cannot save you.

Pastor Hal is once again my inspiration for this topic today. As long as we are tethered to Him, we are free from allowing the storms to set us adrift.

Thank you Lord for your words today.

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