Do you have a habit or way of thinking that you always revisit?

If you made a two-column list of positives and negatives, which side would this habit weigh more heavily?

It’s more negative, then why are you keeping it?

Did you know deception that you can handle it, IS the deception?

Do you think you can out maneuver satan’s plan on your own?

For many years I smoked. I remember back when I was 15 years old, sitting in a field with my best friend Jen, lighting up one cigarette after another. At the time it was very satisfying. I was independent for that moment, doing what I wanted. The enemy thought he had me. He did everything he could to keep me hooked, and it worked for a time. I became a smoker, fully deceived that it would relax me during stressful times, and help me not eat so much. My world began to revolve around it; “when can I sneak away, how will I hide the smell?”…..I was deceived into believing I had control over the thing that controlled me.

Fast forward(too many years later); God completely healed me from that horrible addiction that could’ve taken my very life. It is never too late with God. Do you see from my example how easily we can place something, or someone in control without even realizing it?

It happens so gradually it almost feels insignificant, until it is. The enemy is the ultimate deceiver. He is very patient when it comes to his methods. As a matter of fact he’s been studying you for years, making a list of what you might be open to based on who you spend time with, and what you speak from your lips.

Satan is a liar! You can overcome anything with God’s help. Did you know even our enemy has to bow down to the name of Jesus?

When we become followers of Christ, we become His children and He is VERY protective of us. We do have a choice though, free will. It’s up to us to either submit everything to Him, and seek His guidance, or to our minds, and follow their own paths, which left unchecked, easily moves toward deception.

The Savior of your soul is waiting for you to ask Him in. As easily as you see deception can overtake you, why would you not want God to protect you? Surrendering your life is actually taking the control away from your enemy, and we have a very real enemy out there who wants us destroyed, and giving the power over to the One who will never deceive us. This is where freedom begins. Seek Him today.

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