Is there something you want to change in your life?

Is there a habit or two that is not serving you?

Have you “tried” to change it only to reconvene after a period of time?

I am definitely raising my hand to these questions while simultaneously shaking my head.

I was listening to Pastor Craig Groeschel speak, He said;

“ If you only change your behavior, but don’t change your heart, the behavior will come back.”

My pastor Hal Hardy follows this philosophy as well. He spoke about moving closer to God and said if the information stays in your head and doesn’t move to your heart, your feet won’t move either.

True change comes only from the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one and only heart changer. As you surrender your life (plans, struggles, questions) to God, asking Him to direct your steps, trusting that He wants to help you, and then leave it in His Hands (abiding), this is where transformation happens.

Spiritual Why =

God’s purpose for you.

Spiritual How =

God’s power through you.

By adding a spiritual why to what you want to do, repositions the standard why, moving it to the heart, hence feet!

My friend, won’t you surrender your will to the Only One trustworthy enough to give it to? I have tried so many times on my own and still can’t get it right, that is until God teaches me a new way. His way is narrow, and not the easiest, but do you really want easy without any effort? How boring would that life become!

I know you’ve experienced that power, that sense of accomplishment, when you overcome something really hard, there’s nothing that compares right?

It’s a gift. That is God growing you into the person who can stand in the hard times, and also lift those who haven’t been through it yet….shining God’s light.

Trust Him today, give Him your struggles…He will renew your mind and heart before your very eyes.

Oh, the freedom and joy it brings!

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